Sonos has unveiled the new Sonos Five and Sub (Gen 3) speakers that will complement the brand’s multi-room audio systems.

Five, the most powerful premium speaker from the Sonos smart audio brand and the third generation Sub.

The Sonos Five is an upgrade to Sonos’ most powerful music speaker, delivering the same sound and acoustic architecture as the Play: 5. Both the Five and Sub (Gen 3) speakers have more memory and a faster processor.

Sonos five

Sonos offers innovative solutions to deliver high-quality audio to the home, no matter the space or scale of the room, by connecting devices to create a multi-room system.

The Sonos Five has kept the best of the previous generation Play: 5 (Gen 2). The wireless speaker system has High Fidelity sound and delivers lively clear sound when playing music services, podcasts, movies, TV series and other formats. Five is thought out to the smallest detail: from the conceptual appearance to the technical component. The laconic design of the device will be an organic addition to any interior.

Three woofers are built into the Five’s sealed architecture to eliminate echo. The two angled side tweeters deliver rich stereo sound, while the center tweeter optimizes vocal reproduction. By placing the two Five speakers vertically, the units can automatically separate left and right channels for even more impressive stereo sound.

Compared to its predecessor, the Sonos Five has more memory and a more powerful processor, while delivering the same sound that Play: 5 (Gen 2) owners already know. The presence of a line-in allows the Five to directly connect to audio and video devices: CD and vinyl player, projector and other devices. In addition, TruePlay, which is available on all other SONOS speakers, allows users to scan a room in the Sonos app and adapt the sound to the unique acoustics of the room.

The Five speaker is easily controllable with the Sonos App (S2) and Apple AirPlay 2, and is available in two colors: black with a black grill and white, for the first time with a white grill.

Sonos Sub (Gen 3) – More bass without extraneous noise

For an impressive home theater experience, simply combine the Wireless Sub (Gen 3) with the all-new Sonos Arc, Sonos Beam, PlayBase or Playbar into a single speaker system. The subwoofer will deliver deep, rich bass without interference or noise. Sub (Gen 3) has more memory and a faster processor.

All of the company’s speakers support low frequency reproduction, but the addition of Sub (Gen 3) allows the other speakers to focus more on the midrange for a more spacious sound. The peculiarity of the device consists in two digital class D amplifiers located opposite each other, which eliminates the effect of distortion and rattling of the subwoofer. The versatile design and sculptural shape of the Sub (Gen 3) allows the unit to be positioned comfortably under the sofa, seamlessly complementing the interior of the room. The Sub (Gen 3) subwoofer is controlled by the Sonos App (S2).

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