Razer Iskur Gaming Chair Consumer Review in 2021

The bucket-shaped gaming chair is fully customizable for any seating position thanks to numerous adjustments

Mice, keyboards, headsets – all this is already in the portfolio of Razer, but the company does not want to stop there. The next step is a gaming chair, and not a simple one, but with an adjustable lumbar support. Meet the Razer Iskur – the company’s debut in a new category.

Assembly and first impressions

The chair comes in a large box weighing more than 66 lb, which will hardly fit into a car, maybe a station wagon, but not a sedan. Lifting it alone will also not work, I recommend getting a cart or enlisting the help of a friend. Better to order home delivery and go straight to assembly. Fortunately, there is nothing complicated in this: the step-by-step instructions are applied on the back of the green poster, all the necessary tools are included, large nodes only need to be connected together.

The assembly can be done alone. Below is the official assembly guide.

Fit and adjustments

The first sensation from landing is a dense and resilient pillow, you don’t fall into the chair at all. It is impossible to call it tough, the creators managed to find the only right balance. However, for tall people the pillow will seem a little short, the Razer Iskur is recommended for users with a height of 174 cm to 181 cm (5’8.5 to 5’11.26). Then you lean on the backrest and there is a pleasant feeling of all-round support from the developed lateral supports on the seat and backrest. In other words, the chair completely envelops you and, if you don’t relax, you will sit correctly.

The shape is in the style of car buckets, different types of eco-leather, the central part is stitched with black threads, and the side supports are green. We did not forget about the small details, especially the soft velvety pillow under the neck with the embroidered logo. The chair fully complies with the gaming canons and is in good harmony with other peripherals of the brand.

This is facilitated by numerous adjustments. First of all, the backrest deviates by analogy with a car, pull the lever on the right at the base, take the desired position and release the lever to fix it. The adjustment is stepwise with a minimum step and an extremely wide range: you can sit absolutely vertically, or you can deviate half-lying. Swing is unlocked by a separate, generously sized lever. No matter how I tried, it is impossible to tip over in the chair due to its weight and low center of gravity.

Then you should adjust the armrests in four directions: in height, longitudinally back and forth and left and right, as well as around its axis. The latter adjustment may seem redundant, but it can be useful when you want to set your elbows wide or, conversely, close. The cover is soft rubberized, comparable to a soft torpedo in a car. The best part is that the armrests do not lose their shape if you constantly lean on them with all your weight.

We have come close to the key feature – the adjustable lower back. When the lever is tilted, the backrest extends to support the lower back if the player is not used to fully leaning on the backrest. An extremely unexpected solution that allows you to radically change the landing during hours of sitting in front of the computer.

For a complete understanding of the adjustment device, I attach the official demo video. Separately, I would like to note the quality of the fittings, all the levers are metal with moderate pressure. Confused only by the hard scratching plastic on the pads on the sides.

What is the Razer Iskur missing? I will not give up on locking the wheels and, if possible, locking the rotation. Sometimes you need to lock into place exactly, the Razer Iskur does not provide this option. Otherwise, there are no complaints about the wheels, they roll very easily and completely silently. The second point is creaking, and not from mechanisms, but in places where eco-leather touches, and leather seats in cars also creak. An important feature is that the developed lateral supports do not allow you to sit in the lotus position and are somehow uneven.

The eco-leather proved to be very good, now in the winter in the Razer Iskur you don’t sweat if you sit in a T-shirt and shorts. After a couple of hours, it gets hot, but this is the norm for fabric chairs. The durability is amazing, after a month of careless use the chair looks new. No scuffs and streaks, any dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Review after a month of use

The first and most important impression from the Razer Iskur is that after the review, I absolutely do not want to return to a regular computer chair with a soft seat without adjustments, you get used to good things quickly! I liked the find with the adjustment of the lumbar support, this allows you to select the desired backrest bend and change it during the working day. First of all, I recommend this novelty to owners of other Razer peripherals and to anyone looking for a truly comfortable and reliable chair.


  • Stylish Razer styling
  • a huge number of adjustments;
  • adjustable lumbar support;
  • pillow under the neck;
  • wear-resistant eco-leather;
  • excellent metal fittings;
  • low center of gravity;
  • ease of assembly.


  • lack of blocking at the wheels.

May not like:

  • in summer it can be hot on eco-leather.

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