Look At The Nike ISPA Collection

Very futuristic models.

The Nike ISPA line was launched in November 2018, and since then there have been a sufficient number of models, all united by a common philosophy: «Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt» 

Indeed, the company has published photographs of the new collection, and the emotions are about the same as two years ago – strange, to put it mildly, but I want to try everything on as soon as possible. What is included in the fall collection of 2020?

Nike ISPA Zoom Road Warrior

Designed with sports in mind, namely basketball and running. The heel literally floats in the air, and there are several Air tanks in the front. Well, there are a lot of plastic puffs at the top, everything is in style.

Nike ISPA Overreact FK and FK Sandal

The shoe uses innovative foam to provide maximum comfort and cushioning, the material is durable (as Nike says, needs to be tested). Overreact FK is available in black-green-red and white-blue-orange.

FK Sandal, as the name implies, are sandals, and they are not much different from sneakers, except that the heel is open and the shoe is breathable. Two colors: sand and dark blue, almost black.

Nike ISPA Flow 2020

But this is the ideal model, according to the manufacturer, for daily use in the summer heat: in addition to the breathable upper, air enters through the sole – the top! Two colors.

Nike ISPA Drifter

The designers took inspiration from traditional Japanese work shoes that feature split toes. The outsole is made of foam and is complemented by reinforced inserts for increased comfort on long walks. Available in gray and dark purple colors.

What do you think? Would you buy yourself something new?

What is ISPA?

ISPA is a new design division of Nike, aiming to rework the already famous silhouettes and produce innovative new products for the brand on their basis. Simply put, designers take old ideas and try to mix them together so that you and I feel comfortable and good. ISPA is about challenging sneaker experiences and futuristic solutions that will become everyday life in the future.

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