IPhone 12 Vs Google Pixel 5: Battle Of The Year?

We could not help but compare two close smartphones – iPhone 12 and Pixel 5. One is the main one on Android, the second is an affordable flagship on iOS. The battle begins …

I have another question for 2020. Once a year, an Android geek gets a smartphone that at least wants to be guided by – this is the new Pixel. This time around, we got the Pixel 5: no flagship processor, no Face ID, and a bunch of compromises.

On the other hand, Apple is releasing the iPhone 12, which has all the best from Android: the app menu, widgets, OLED display and almost everything flagship, which makes the transition from Android to iPhone quite comfortable. Or not?


The sizes are almost the same. It fits well in the hand, even the iPhone with more angular edges.

Design is a matter of taste. The rough Pixel feels more original, but not so solid. On the other hand, it doesn’t pick up prints like the glossy glass on the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 has five colors to choose from: black, white, Product RED, green and blue, while the Pixel 5 has only two options: black and sage.

The Pixel 5 has Gorilla Glass 6, and the iPhone 12 has a new Ceramic Shield on the front, which, incidentally, is also developed with Corning, the creators of Gorilla Glass.

Here I will count a little. I walk with the iPhone 12 Pro longer than the iPhone 12, but as much as with the Pixel 5. I walk equally carelessly. And the glass is already scratched!

An interesting nuance. The Pixel 5 is rated IPX8, meaning there is no dust protection, only water. How this will affect life is unclear.

An important component of tactile sensations is vibration feedback. The vibe in the Pixel is from the mid-range as opposed to the sharper Taptic Engine in the iPhone 12.

We also compared the sound, both smartphones have stereo speakers. The Pixel sound is a bit nasty. This can be seen on the frequency response by the peak in the region of 1 kHz. Overall, both sound good. But the iPhone 12 has true stereo, while the Pixel 5 is nominal.

Face ID vs Fingerprint Scanner. There are no complaints about the scanner this year. I hardly have to enter the code manually, even with my wet hands. But Face ID is still a bit more comfortable and allows you to feel like a master. But unless you are wearing a mask … Equally equal in response speed.


Bright and high contrast OLED screens are about the same level. And the diagonal is almost the same – 6 inches versus 6.1 inches.

There are some interesting differences. Something flagship in the Pixel 5 is the display, or rather its refresh rate – 90 Hz. This adds smoothness to the system animations. Especially noticeable when paging screens.

And one more nuance – the Pixel supports HDR10 +, while the iPhone supports HDR10.


Well, the Pixel 5’s camera versus the iPhone 12’s camera. Perhaps the iPhone 12 does better in portrait mode. In this case it is surprising to me that it does not zoom in on the image. It also looks unnatural on an ultra wide-angle lens.

True, the iPhone 12 does not have a portrait in the dark. Allegedly due to the lack of a new LiDAR sensor. On Pixel 5, there are no LiDARs, which is a cool feature. By the way, Pixel now turns on night mode automatically, just like in the iPhone, and it’s convenient.

Ultra wide-angle camera. It turns out that the Pixel is not much better than the iPhone. During the day, Google’s algorithms work cool. But in the dark …

However, Google Camera should still be improved with the December update. This is where HDR bracketing should go, and I’ll tell you the difference in the Pixel 5 experience.

The Pixel has Computational RAW, the iPhone will have its Apple Pro RAW. You can process photos, it’s cool. But it’s not a fact that it will come to regular iPhones, without the Pro mark. In any case, let’s figure it out separately …


IPhone videos traditionally shoot better, as well as Stories inside Instagram. But on Pixel, you can put the Instgram mod – Instander or any other. You cannot install software on the iPhone outside of the store. But more on that later …


Both smartphones have 5G, as well as both with the same slot configuration – one SIM and an eSIM.

Interestingly, the Pixel 5 only has Wi-Fi 5, but that’s because of the processor. Also note the USB Type-C 3.1 port.

The iPhone received a standard Lightning compliant USB 2.0. So the Pixel has much faster data transfer over the wire.

For example, copying a file of half a gigabyte:

iPhone – 55 sec
Pixel – 15 sec

Bottom line – Pixel is almost 4 times faster.

As for the drive, you cannot increase it either there or there. That being said, the iPhone has a 256GB version, while the Pixel has settled on 128GB.

iPhone 12: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Pixel 5: 128GB


Apple iPhone 12

Google Pixel 5

  • Flagship A14 Bionic processor vs. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G mid-range chip.
  • 5 nm vs 7 nm
  • Six cores versus eight cores
  • 3.1 GHz vs 2.4 GHz

And according to the benchmarks, the difference in power can be seen right away: the iPhone 12 is three times ahead. But in the graphics, the difference is not so much dramatic, and it is not at all.

We have tested the launch of applications and we do not have a clear leader. Something faster on the iPhone, some on the Pixel. Well, maybe PUBG is faster on the iPhone.

Perhaps this Pixel speed is achieved due to faster LPDDR4x RAM, by the way, as in the new MacBooks, as well as more of it – 8 GB, while in the iPhone 12 – 4 GB LPDDR4.

We have checked what from the running programs flew out of memory. The result is simple and pleasant – nothing happened, but it was expected.

In terms of the processor, the main difference is that with a prolonged game, the iPhone will work longer at maximum settings. But both smartphones are not very hot. At the same time, the Pixel is perceived a little faster. He has faster animations themselves. Minimize application – takes less time. And the screen frequency plays a role – 90 Hz.


Both smartphones give out in the region of 6-7 hours of screen time.

The Pixel 5 only has an 18-watt charger, but it’s included.

Apple offers a 20-watt AC adapter that must be purchased separately. But you can add MagSafe to this, although the iPhone 12 charges only at 15W.

The Pixel also has 12W wireless charging, but 5W reversible wireless charging.


I already talked about the transition to the iPhone 12 Pro. In short:

  • In general, now it is quite comfortable after Android.
  • On iPhones, you rarely need to adjust the screen brightness. On Android often.
  • But there will be a number of limitations: for example, it is inconvenient to work with files. It is inconvenient to download a file from a computer.
  • And you can’t install third-party software.

Apple iPhone 12

Google Pixel 5


The Pixel is still good at its core: camera and pure Android with Pixel Launcher. But there is no full-fledged premium feeling here.

It turns out that the iPhone 12 is a longer-term purchase.

But personally, I’m still staying on Pixel 5 and will have a month of experience in which I will talk about pains and pitfalls in more detail.

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