We have reached a point where we can hold lasers in our hands, almost like Jedi lightseabers. Really, we’re talking about handheld vacuum cleaners…

Dyson continues to delight in the new technologies that appear in their vacuum cleaners. This time the company will release a new model of vacuum cleaner Dyson V15 Detect.

This is the now classic Dyson upright vacuum cleaner, which at the same time got a green laser diode. The laser illuminates the cleaning area with green light and you can see all the dust particles. By the way, the green color is the best perceived by humans.

Dyson handheld vacuums have a five-stage filtration system that cleans 99.99 percent of dust particles larger than 0.3 micron.

Interestingly, Dyson didn’t just put a laser in the vacuum cleaner, they adjusted its “angle of attack” to 1.5 degrees, and it’s elevated 7.2 mm from the floor, which allows for the most efficient illumination of the cleaned space. Of course, the laser only works on smooth surfaces: wood floors and carpeting. On carpet, it simply won’t be as effective.

The new vacuum cleaner also has an acoustic piezosensor. It will detect and show the size of the dust particles and their frequency during cleaning. The counting of microscopic particles takes place 15,000 times a second. Information about the particle size and number of particles can be seen on the display of the vacuum cleaner. In addition, if the vacuum cleaner realizes that there is a lot of dust, it will automatically increase the power.

On a single battery charge the vacuum cleaner will run for up to 60 minutes in eco mode.

The brand introduced another handheld vacuum cleaner Omni-glide, which can be called off-road in the world of vacuum cleaners. Its brush can rotate and with such a vacuum cleaner all your hard-to-reach places: corners and places under the couch will be in frequency. Dyson Omni-glide is suitable for small apartments, the vacuum cleaner works on a single charge up to 20 minutes. Its cost is $400.