Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Reports By Consumer Reviews 2021

According to Dyson, work on this hairdryer took four years, the development cost was about 50 million pounds, and the final version was chosen from almost 600 prototypes.

Dyson Supersonic is almost completely different from the hairdryers of the usual design. There are no blades, and the main engine with nine cylinders was placed in the handle, so that the hair dryer is more convenient and reliable in the hand. According to the developers, Supersonic is eight times more powerful than most of its “standard” counterparts.

One of the main features of the novelty is intellectual hair drying. The built-in processor and special sensors read the temperature and strength of the air flow 20 times per second and adjust the optimal parameters to dry the hair with maximum care.

The test also revealed that Supersonic works noticeably quieter than standard design dryers – the device can be used even when everyone is sleeping at home.

What problems of “ordinary hair dryers” did the manufacturer want to solve and what came of it

Problem 1: weak airflow

I quote the release: “Traditional hair dryers often provide either a weak air flow, or, conversely, too strong, uncontrolled. Dyson Supersonic creates a powerful and directed flow at an angle of 20 °, which allows you to thoroughly and delicately dry and style your hair. “

According to subjective feelings – yes, the air flow coming from the Dyson Supersonic is more powerful (at maximum and even at medium), and more concentrated than from all my hairdryers. According to the manufacturer, this is 13 liters per second, and the flow width is 27 mm. At the same time, the maximum power consumption of the Dyson Supersonic is 1600 watts. This is the same as most road and “ordinary” hair dryers, but the efficiency is certainly higher. My “regular” professional hair dryer consumes 1680-2000 watts, and there are a lot of professional models with power of 2200 and 2400 watts. That is, Dyson Supersonic is more economical than most professional “colleagues.”

Now about the announced installation at an angle of 20 °. According to Dyson, the air flow directed at this angle helps to smooth and fit the scales that make up the hair, so they do not fluff, but are smoothed, so the hair shines more. If you keep the hair dryer at your head vertically, then the stream just comes out at this angle. It is difficult to say something here: everyone keeps a hairdryer in different ways. In general, I like to tilt my head down and blow to the roots, achieving volume. How then my scales are doing – I do not know.

Problem 2: hair is sucked in by hair dryers at the air intake

Indeed, the design of the Dyson Supersonic eliminates this. No torn and damaged hair, no clogging of the hair dryer lattice. This problem was solved due to a design truly unique to the hairdryer: Dyson Air Multiplier ™ air movement amplification technology was patented and successfully applied by the company in its climate technology – fan, fan heater, air humidifier. Air is drawn in from below (in the handle there are air intake openings closed by a removable filter), and at the outlet, passing through the slotted openings of the hairdryer’s round contour, it turns into a powerful air stream.

Problem 3: ordinary hair dryers are heavy, your hand gets tired

It is claimed that the Dyson Supersonic is very lightweight. Without nozzles, it weighs 630 grams, my travel hairdryer is lighter than it, but not as powerful, and professional — it’s not harder for me, but most professional hairdryers are really heavier. But to be fair, I must say that now on the market you can find compact and even travel models with the characteristics of professional hairdryers. But using the Dyson Supersonic is more comfortable. The fact is that vibration is not felt, and the center of gravity (the location of the engine) is located in the handle, and not in the hairdryer body. Compare: in an ordinary hair dryer, all the burden falls on the widest part of the body, and we hold the hair dryer by a relatively thin handle, we have to strain our hand to hold the device (this does not apply to hair dryers-brushes, in which the motor is also in the handle). If you use a hairdryer for several minutes – this is not critical, but for professional stylists the difference should be noticeable.

Problem 4: regular hair dryers are too noisy

We measured the noise level of the Dyson Supersonic and two other hair dryers using a sound meter under the same conditions with low background noise, keeping the hair dryers at the same distance from the sound level meter. To our surprise, the Dyson Supersonic results were the same as those of conventional models: 63-64 dB at the minimum and 69-70 dB at the maximum. Why is this weird? Because it feels like the Dyson Supersonic is quieter. Dyson experts say that we hear only the sound of air flow, but the noise of a miniature but powerful V9 engine is not, as they increased the number of blades on the impeller of the engine, thereby achieving a frequency that is not perceptible to the human ear. It is difficult to verify this statement, but the fact is a fact: the hairdryer makes a noise differently, instead of a rumble and a roar, a rather dull whistle is felt, like the sound of a strong draft.

Problem 5: regular hair dryers overheat hair

Of course, this also depends on the method of using the hairdryer (not everyone respects a safe distance of 20-30 cm from the hair) and on the selected mode – in fairly advanced models there are from 8 to 12 options for combinations of temperature and air flow strength. Here the “trick” is precisely the temperature: you can choose from 4 options: 28, 60, 80 or 100 ºС and the hairdryer will support the selected parameter.

It’s really convenient, you don’t feel that the hair dryer at the maximum temperature and speed stronger and stronger, not afraid to burn your hair, the temperature is really under control. What does it give? The ability to dry hair faster, without thinking about a safe distance, as well as the ability to safely pull individual strands by running a hub nozzle directly over them. We also do this with a regular hairdryer, but if we choose at the same time a high-temperature regime, we risk damaging the hair.

Problem 6. Nozzles of other hair dryers are inconvenient to insert and remove, in addition, they heat up

In the model provided for the test, two nozzles – a diffuser and a concentrator. Indeed, the first problem has been solved very well: just bring the nozzle to the attachment point, as it is already fixed. I liked the magnetic mounts very much. As for the thermal safety of the nozzles, it is really impossible to get burned: even after a long use (I kept it for 5 minutes at maximum temperature), the nozzles are removed with “bare hands”.

Test Drive

  • Will it overheat or not? Left the hair dryer on for 15 minutes at maximum. At the same time I turned on my other hair dryers. “Normal Road” turned off after 3 minutes, then rested and came to himself in a few minutes. “Normal hair dryer” also disconnected from overheating in the fifth minute. The “ordinary professional” worked, nothing happened to him. Dyson Supersonic also behaved professionally: he did not disconnect, he worked properly for all 15 minutes. And his body did not heat up – at all.
  • Cold air mode: working or not? This is the weak point of all hairdryers. After hot styling, the cold blow button is pressed and the hair dryer should quickly “rebuild”. In the road, this function is simply not there, in the hair dryer there is, but just for show: the effect is zero. The result of Dyson Supersonic is getting warm. But you can just turn off the heat and work with blowing – the result is even better than when you press the “cold air” button.
  • Is it possible to dry enough thick hair to the shoulders at a temperature of 28 ºС (imagine that I am in Spain)? This is important – after all, many are afraid of any kind of heating of the hair at all. Yes, the head practically dried up in 10 minutes at a temperature of 28 ºС and the maximum strong air flow (there are 3 levels in total). I did not succeed in this with a regular hairdryer – or rather, after 10 minutes I ran out of patience, and I turned on the heat.
  • Diffuser and volume. I do not like diffusers and create volume in my own way, but then I decided to try it. Yes, roots raises hair at the roots.
  • Convenience of management. I liked the control – digital, 3 precise settings for speed and 4 – for temperature. The buttons are conveniently located, the modes have a light indication.
  • The air intake filter is located on the handle (most hair dryers on the body have such a large round grill, often removable). In Dyson Supersonic the filter is small, it is removed and installed in place elementary.

A week passed – did I feel the difference? Rather, yes, in convenience. This hair dryer is faster, quieter (according to the sensations, and not according to the sound level indicators); they can dry their hair without heating, it does not vibrate in the hand. You quickly get used to the good.

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