Bose Frames Tenor Musical Glasses Consumer Review In 2021

A perfect gift for the New Year and other holidays!

Bose Frames Tenor

Bose continues to create amazing things no matter what. Let me remind you that there were such Bose Sleepbuds earplugs for sleeping, after a year of sales they were withdrawn from retail due to problems that were discovered – one or two headphones stopped charging. So what? Is the company desperate? No, they recently introduced Bose Sleepbuds II, the issue was solved with the batteries, the attachments are different, more sounds for falling asleep / sleeping – they say, and the sound has become better. I’m waiting for them for the test, I’ll tell you soon.

Experiments do not end with Bose Frames, they showed several new frames, but the essence remains the same: this is a hybrid – glasses with speakers, ideal for a beach or a chaise lounge somewhere in the mountains. The thing is specific, and it is very joyful that at least someone continues to do unusual things.

Several types of such glasses are currently on sale: Tenor (as in the review), Soprano and Tempo (sports version). Here’s Soprano:

Bose Frames Soprano

Here is Tempo. They have lenses with polarization:

Bose Frames Tempo

Different lenses can be ordered for each glasses – polarized, blue or silver.

The official site says that you can insert your own lenses (I mean for vision), this is generally a killer combo for some use cases.

Bose Frames Tenor

The glasses are supplied in a small box, inside there is a convenient case, magnetic charging, glasses and a polishing cloth. To turn on and control one button on the right bow – answer a call, play, she does everything. The volume control is graceful, on the outer side of the bow there is a touch strip, you slide your finger forward or backward, the volume decreases or increases.

Bose Frames Tenor

As you can see, the surface of the glasses is glossy and, if you don’t pay attention to the thickenings, we have before us a seemingly ordinary summer accessory. The assembly is cool, glasses do not like water, do not need to beat them again, it is better to wear them in a case. They turn on very quickly, connect too, used mainly with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Don’t forget to install the Bose Music app – there are all sorts of settings, but most importantly, it’s the glasses software update. It won’t get any worse.

Bose Frames Tenor

About wearing. Most frames fit me, the face is narrow, oval, so the Bose Frames Tenor sat down as expected. I did not feel the severity, the arches are moderately wide, how the lenses behave, I do not know: the sun is a rare thing at this time of year.

As for the music, I really like everything, despite the extremely specific design. In fact, the speakers play at some distance from your ears – a bright Bose setting is transmitted, there is bass, there are no dips, everything is pleasant. At a high volume level, people nearby can also hear everything perfectly.

Bose Frames Tenor

What is the scope of these glasses? The sports version could be taken in the mountains – snowboarding, skiing, everything is right. But I don’t know what it’s like to roll with headphones. After all, you need to be in touch with the surrounding space, music can interfere. The same can be said about the bicycle and about other entertainment.

Bose Frames Tenor

Here, lying on a sun lounger by the sea – a thrill, I would have such glasses on vacation! No need to search for AirPods in your bag, put on your glasses, listen to your music, and there is sun protection. You can talk on the phone or confer with the “Zoom” without taking off your glasses – the quality of speech is good. I forgot to say, but there is a microphone here, and this is a full-fledged headset. The declared operating time is about 5.5 hours, it is not yet clear how long they work in reality. I’ll try to hang around during the winter holidays, add information to the review.


The conclusion is simple: as for me, this is the perfect gift when you don’t know what to give. And here you have glasses, and a good speaker system, and in general the idea is cool. If a person is familiar with Bose, he will definitely like it.

Overall a cool toy. It is a pity that in the modern market such exotic things are becoming less and less, Bose fellows, one cannot but support for this with a ruble.

Of course, for this price you can buy both raybans and airpods, and this is also a cool bundle. But if you suddenly want to combine – then Bose Frames Tenor are perfect for this.

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