BMW Digital Key Plus Lets You Unlock Your Car Without Taking Out Your Smartphone

Ultra Wideband technology is used.

In iOS 13.6 it is now possible to use the iPhone as a car key. CarKey, of course, is not available for all cars, but only for “selected” with its support, and the smartphone must be the right one (XR / XS and newer).

Owners of new BMWs with cars manufactured after July 1, 2020 have access to this feature, and soon they will not have to take their smartphone out of their pocket at all.

BMW has announced Digital Key Plus, keyless access to the car using an ultra-wideband communication (UWB) chip. The iPhone 11 (and newer), as well as the Apple Watch Series 6, have a U1 sensor that allows data to be exchanged at high accuracy and speed. So the Digital Key Plus uses the U1 sensor.

Smartphone keyless entry technology makes its debut in the BMW iX electric car.

Digital Key Plus

The new version of the Apple Car Key, Digital Key Plus, uses the ultra-wideband U1 chip technology in the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Series 6.

The Digital Key Plus works over a longer distance and has a more directional action, allowing you to unlock your car without taking your iPhone out of your pocket.

The new features available in the BMW Digital Key Plus are based on ultra-wideband technology. This is a short-range, high-bandwidth digital radio technology that features exceptionally precise localization and high security. UWB accuracy also ensures that relay attacks, where the radio signal is blocked or intercepted, are impossible.

The automaker says the new electronic key system will first appear in the BMW iX , an all-electric SUV with a claimed range of 300 miles. The interior of the car, based on the X5 / X6 / X7 series, is reminiscent of the Tesla.

Digital Key Plus is likely to form the basis of the new digital key specification standard version 3.0. Both Apple and BMW are working on this as part of the Car Connectivity Consortium.

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