Best Smart Speakers Reports By Consumer Reviews 2021

Modern society actively uses high-tech devices in its life, including smart speakers, the demand for which is growing every day. This is facilitated by the functionality and usability of these gadgets. What smart speakers are there, what you should pay attention to when buying, our editorial team will tell you in this article.

What is a smart speaker

A smart speaker is a device with a built-in microphone and controls a computer. Gadgets connect both wired and wirelessly.

The basic principle of operation of a smart speaker is the implementation of voice control in order to:

  • performance by the device of any function (for example, control of the humidifier operation);
  • performing an assignment (in particular, answering questions posed or turning on music on command);
  • control of other devices (for example, lamps).

All in all, this smart speaker can be said to save tons of time and replace a bunch of tech.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that a number of functions can be performed only if you have access to the Internet. In particular, the Internet is needed to order any products online.

How to choose the right smart speaker

The criteria for choosing a smart speaker, in general, do not differ from the criteria that apply to any purchased equipment.


This is a comprehensive criterion that includes:

  • weight;
  • sizes;
  • design;
  • Colour.

Don’t underestimate him. In particular, dimensions are of no small importance if the device is to be used, for example, in nature. In this case, it is better to stop your choice on a compact and light model. If you plan to use it only in an apartment or house, then you can choose a larger option, but with better sound quality, and even try to choose a speaker design for the interior, especially since buyers note the variety of forms of these devices.

Sound reproduction quality

This is one of the main criteria of any column, which, like the previous one, can be called complex.

It includes:

  1. Power of the device. The sound volume depends on it. The unit of measure for power is watt (W). The higher the power value, the louder the gadget will sound and, as a rule, the larger its size. There are 3 types of speakers in terms of power:
  • up to 2 W;
  • 15 to 20 watts;
  • from 40 to 60 watts.
  1. Speakers and channels. Rather, their number. The more there are, the better and louder the sound will be. By the number of channels, the sound is divided into 3 formats:
  • mono – 1 channel (refer to the most budget options); stereo 2.0 – 2 channels;
  • stereo 2.1. – 2 channels plus a subwoofer, the maximum power of which can be 150W.
  1. Frequency range. This characteristic is responsible for the sound quality. The most complete sound will be with a large range. Frequency range units: Hz, kHz.

Power method

As stated, there is a wired and wireless connection. In most cases, the gadget is powered by mains. Use of the device as a portable device requires a rechargeable battery or batteries. It should be borne in mind that the gadget will work with batteries for a short time. If you have a battery, you should pay attention to its power, because it is she who is responsible for the period of operation of the smart speaker without recharging. It should be borne in mind that when using the device outside the home, the battery power must be above 2200 mAh. This characteristic is indicated in the documentation in terms of the average loudness value.

Connection type and ports

There are 3 types of device connection:

  • Bluetooth;
  • NFC;
  • wi-fi.

You should also pay attention to the ports that the device has. The more there are, the more possibilities the gadget has. The following connectors are used:

  • usb – charging other devices, connecting flash cards;
  • micro-usb – charging a smart speaker;
  • micro SD – use of memory cards;
  • AUX 3.5 – for using headphones;
  • Lightning – for connecting to the IPhone.


The cheaper material is used in the manufacture of the device, the shorter its service life will be. Inexpensive options are more susceptible to damage from external influences, sometimes even minor ones. Higher quality models are made of good plastic or have a metal case.


This is the answer to the question of what functions the device should be. Basically, preference is given to gadgets with multifunctionality and artificial intelligence, which are able to carry out human commands. They also pay attention to the number of devices that can be connected, and the range of the speaker.

Display availability

Not necessary, but a convenient criterion. When choosing such a model, it should be borne in mind that in this case it will have to be charged more often than similar options without a screen.

Control type

There are 3 types of smart speaker control:

  • push-button (buttons are located on the device);
  • using the remote control;
  • via the installed mobile application (connection via Bluetooth or wi-fi is required).

Protection against moisture and dust

This is important if the gadget is going to be used outdoors. This characteristic is designated “IP x” and the range of values ​​is from 0 to 8. Accordingly, the higher the value, the higher the degree of protection.

Additional functionality

There are various models of smart speakers on the market with some additional functions. The most common among them is the backlight, which is used for ease of control or as a light music. Also, the device may have such functions as:

  • FM radio;
  • panoramic audio (360 ° audio playback);
  • speakerphone (the ability to talk by phone or Skype using a speakerphone);
  • equalizer (sound quality setting);
  • management and control of gestures.


When answering the question of which company is better to buy a smart speaker, it should be borne in mind that the product of well-known companies producing similar products has a higher quality.


Considering that smart speakers are a relatively “young” product on the market, the cost of such devices, with proper quality, is above average.

The Best Smart Speakers Consumer Report 2021

1. Amazon Echo Dot 3nd Gen

Compact smart speaker of modern design with high-quality sound and functionality that allows you to connect to devices of the “Smart Home” system.


Mains powered: Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth

Output interfaces: headphone jack, audio output

Built-in voice assistant: Amazon Alexa

Broadband speakers: 1

Audio streaming support: yes

Microphones: 4

Additionally: receiving calls and sending messages from a smartphone;
simultaneous work with a similar gadget (Echo Dot 3);
works with an Echo Sub subwoofer.




Apple Music support does not work.

2. Sonos One (Amazon Alexa)

Convenient and easy-to-use speaker system that successfully interacts with the smart assistant from Amazon.


Power supply: mains

Connection: wi-fi

Built-in voice assistant: Amazon Alexa

Woofers: 1

Tweeters: 1

Audio streaming support: yes

Microphones: 6

Width / Height / Depth, mm: 120/161/120

Weight, gr: 1850

Additionally: functions in the “Smart Home” system


sound reproduction quality.


Does not support Bluetooth connection.

3. LG Xboom AI ThinQ WK7Y

This option belongs to popular models and will be appropriate in almost any interior.


Mains powered: Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth

Built-in Voice Assistant: Google Assistant

Woofers: 1

Tweeters: 1

Audio streaming support: yes

Microphones: 2

Width / Height / Depth, mm: 135/211/135


convenient and simple voice control;
high-quality sound;
build quality;
sensitivity of microphones.


insufficient volume (noted by some users).

A smart speaker is a convenient modern gadget, the popularity of which is only growing every day. This is explained, among other things, by the possibility of using it both as an ordinary column and as a device that controls other equipment and other processes.

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