Best Laptops 5G Reports By Consumer Reviews 2021

The launch of the 5G standard will dramatically change the laptop market. Mobile Internet speeds will grow so fast that many of us will give up our usual Wi-Fi

Mobile Internet, we have to admit, did not take root in laptops as we know it in smartphones and tablets. And there were reasons for that. For example, most desktop processors are simply not optimized for continuous GSM reception. But everything can change, when the fifth generation networks will be deployed, because in theory, the connection speed in them will compare, and even surpass the usual wired Internet and its connection via Wi-Fi.

Moreover, the new format of mobile communications will give a strong impetus to the development of the Internet of things, which will be connected to the computer. What new laptop models are waiting for the market and how to choose the best 5G laptops – in the article “BestTopReviews”.

The Best Laptops 5G Consumer Guide

1. MacBook Pro

Apple fans have been waiting for the company’s professional line of laptops, which can go online via mobile network, to come out in 2017. But two years ago, something went wrong. But the advent of the 5G era should push Cupertino to create such a laptop. Most likely, it won’t appear until 2021, when the fifth-generation networks will be rolled out on the iPhone. Most likely, Apple will traditionally refuse to use a physical SIM card, replacing it with the already well-known virtual Apple SIM. But it is too early to talk about the technical characteristics of the laptop, but it will definitely earn a place on the list of the best 5G laptops.


  • High price
  • Not out yet

2. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

The ThinkPad line, of course, is now very different from the legendary IBM laptops. The flagship X1 Carbon series has a modification with a GSM modem in every generation. First there was 3G support, then LTE, and now it’s time for fifth-generation networks. No business ultrabook with 5G support will appear in 2020, but chances are it will in 2021. Lenovo is actively promoting the new cellular standard in its other subsidiary brand, Motorola, and a laptop with a modem is a matter of time. Otherwise, the future novelty should retain the features of the series – ultra-compact body, 14-inch screen, performance stuffing and the famous keyboard ThinkPad


  • A true business notebook with a huge margin of safety.
  • Good performance


  • Only the most expensive versions will be equipped with modem

3. Dell XPS

Interestingly, the most prestigious line of laptops from the American corporation Dell has not yet had a modification with LTE-modem. The deployment of 5G may spur the interest of the manufacturer to release such a device, which will be able to give the user the maximum Internet speed in any location. Otherwise, the philosophy of the Dell XPS should remain the same – the most compact body, 13.3 or 15.6 inch screen, i5 and i7 processors of the latest generation and even a display with 4K resolution.


  • Compact
  • Best in class displays


  • Price

4. Lenovo Yoga

One of the new trends in the world of laptops, are devices based on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. It is they that should combine all the advantages of ARM and x86 architectures, and shake Intel’s longstanding monopoly on the PC market. At the end of 2018, Qualcomm announced the release of the brand new Snapdragon 8cx processor, which received support for 5G networks. And one of the first devices on it was the Lenovo Yoga model. By the way, Snapdragon processors in laptops show real miracles of battery life and such a laptop can last up to two times longer than a similar solution on the usual chipsets.


  • Not all common Windows programs work well with the ARM processor

5. Acer Predator

A huge 17.3-inch gaming laptop weighing 3 kg with 5G support? Why not! In fact, the appearance of such a laptop is very predictable. Firstly, it will interest many gamers, because the super-fast Internet without wires will allow you to play multiplayer games without being tied to the wired Internet. Secondly, 5G should breathe new life into virtual reality, which in recent years has clearly stagnated. And finally, streamers would love such a device, because a high-speed connection to the Net would help to show their game to fans even more quickly. In other words, 5G will be a great addition to the Acer Predator gaming notebook.


  • Maximum performance in a notebook world
  • Various gaming tricks, from advanced cooling to support for external graphics cards


  • Weight and size

How to choose a laptop with 5G

The best 5G laptops will be able to develop Internet speeds of over 100 MB/s as early as 2021. Laptops will clearly benefit from this capability. But when choosing a 5G laptop we should be guided not only by support for fifth-generation networks, but also by other characteristics, because a laptop, unlike a smartphone and a tablet, is first of all a tool. So how to choose a laptop with 5G?


As in the case of the “younger brothers”, initially the most expensive laptops will receive support for 5G. But later, with the expansion of the network and cheaper hardware that supports 5G, the price of laptops with these modems can be drastically reduced. So, our advice is to be patient with the purchase of a 5G laptop and you will be able to find the best deal.

Screen diagonal and size

In the matter of choosing the best 5G laptop, you should not forget about such factors as the diagonal display and the size of the device associated with them. After all, they are the ones that determine the scenarios for using the device. For example, 13-inch ultrabooks are ideal as mobile devices. The 14-inch format is preferred by business users. Laptops with 15.6-inch screens are “universal soldiers”, which have a variety of stuffing. 17.3-inch laptops are loved by gamers and engineers. But any of the laptops will add a lot to mobility with 5G.


Traditional x86 processor manufacturers, namely Intel and AMD, prefer to add support for modems as separate devices in the laptop chassis. These modems look like a small board that plugs into a special slot. This is used by many users who add, for instance, LTE modems to their laptops, which initially do not support Internet access via mobile communications. Qualcomm’s new ARM processors, capable of running the Windows operating system, have an integrated cellular communications chip. But so far, these chipsets cannot compete in performance even with the low-powered Intel Pentium N5000.

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