Best Fitness Trackers Reports By Consumer Reviews 2021

It is hard to imagine today a person who is into exercise without a smart device on the wrist, which will measure heart rate, and time per lap, and the path of a bicycle ride will record. What fitness tracker is worth buying in 2021?

The fitness tracker has evolved from a geek toy into a useful gadget for anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. Or, to receive notifications from a smartphone. It depends on what you need from a bracelet. But let’s focus on the features that are designed to improve the quality of life of the user.

When choosing a fitness bracelet, it’s worth asking yourself what you expect from this device in your workouts.

-There is a difference between a tracker used by a jogger or an avid swimmer. Thus, the first will focus on measuring heart rate and the account of the covered kilometer, while the second should have special programs for swimming and moisture protection. From my experience, I will say that the longer the device works on a single charge, the better the chance not to abandon the tracker on the shelf. After all, no one likes to find a discharged tracker before a workout, which will negate any benefit from the gadget. And, of course, a fitness tracker is just an accessory, the effectiveness of your workout depends only on your efforts.

The Best Fitness Trackers Consumer Guide 2021

Fitbit Charge 3

The tracker from the famous manufacturer of wearable electronics from the United States. This inexpensive fitness device is distinguished by its laconic appearance, excellent application and almost perfect ergonomics. The device is able to determine the level of oxygen in the blood. It uses a monochrome OLED touch screen. Fitbit Charge 3 can constantly monitor your heart rate. Some users have complained about connection failures between the Charge 3 and their smartphone.

  • One of the best ergonomics in the class
  • Constant heart rate monitoring


  • Sometimes the connection to your smartphone fails

Garmin Vivosmart 4

The fourth version of the popular fitness tracker from the famous American manufacturer of wearable electronics. You won’t find a built-in GPS here, but a clever and handy proprietary app can record a track using the navigation in your smartphone. The Elevate heart rate sensor alerts you if you have an abnormal heart rate, monitors daily stress, and displays the right time to rest. There is also a Pulse Ox blood oxygen sensor. However, it gives rather approximate readings. The autonomy of Vivosmart 4 is not the most record-breaking – up to a week of work on a single charge.


  • Compact size
  • One of the best control apps on the market


  • Price

Polar A370 Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker with a large screen and capable of continuous heart rate monitoring. Heart rate measurement also works during sleep. Five heart rate zones are displayed during workouts. However, you have to pay for the constant operation of the heart rate sensor – the autonomous operation of the bracelet does not exceed 2 days with it. The color display shows time, workout information, and notifications when connected to a smartphone. Another useful function for those who like to play sports in the open countryside, will be recording tracks on GPS. However, the Polar A370 itself does not have a built-in navigation chip, so it requires a connection to a device with GPS.


  • Excellent build quality and stable performance
  • Works with GPS


  • Price

Healbe GoBe 2

This fitness tracker is more like a smartwatch because of its large display. However, it is unusual here – it is more of a display with LEDs. In Healbe GoBe 2, the emphasis is not on fitness functions, but on the overall assessment of the body’s health. For example, the bracelet counts the balance of water in the body, calculates calorie intake, and measures the level of stress of the wearer based on his pulse. In addition, the device boasts a clever app that receives constant updates from the developers. The battery life of the gadget is short and you will have to charge it every day.

  • Unique features like hydration measurement
  • The gadget is focused on body condition tracking


  • Autonomous work 1-1.5 days

Sony SmartBand 2

The model, which has been produced since 2015 without any changes, thanks to which it has a budget price for a product from Sony. However, if you are not a fan of the Japanese brand, the disadvantages of the device will be too striking. Firstly, there is no screen, and the management, configuration and delivery of statistics is impossible without a smartphone with a branded application installed. Secondly, the battery life here is only 2-3 days. Thirdly, Sony’s notorious software clearly falls short of modern competitors, and the device often does not pair with third-party programs. Finally, some users encountered an allergic reaction to the silicone bracelet. If you are ready to put up with it all, the SmartBand 2 SWR12 can be a good pedometer, a smart alarm clock, and a heart rate monitor.


  • Budget


  • No screen
  • Weak software

How to choose a fitness tracker

The best fitness trackers of the year 2021 can be a great assistant to an athlete, a regular at the gym or a fan of morning jogs. However, even if you are far from physical activity, but are thinking about your health, such a purchase of such a gadget can be useful and justified. So how to choose a fitness tracker?


In 2021, the class of fitness trackers has come close to a smartwatch. In fact, they often differ only in size and display diagonal. For example, inexpensive models use tiny monochrome screens. But the best fitness trackers of 2021 increasingly get full-color AMOLED matrices with touch controls. There are some exotics – bracelets without a screen or LED panels. However, such gadgets are poorly suited to the role of a device for every day, and consumers still prefer a display.

Sensors and body measurement

The fitness features of most trackers are based on measuring steps and heart rate. To date, this data is generally the same in many models, that is, if you put two trackers on the same hand, they should issue the same number of steps walked in a half-hour walk.

Advanced models have additional sensors and software, capable of issuing all kinds of recommendations based on the data obtained. But be careful, some little-known Chinese manufacturers claim to measure pressure and ECG, but, in fact, these gadgets do not have such functions.

The app

Any smart tracker in its work requires at least an occasional connection to a smartphone via Bluetooth. In general, a lot depends on the software in the work of the tracker. For example, you can get detailed statistics of your run there. Or, to see how you slept at night. Fine-tuning, too, is most often available through the app. Stable operation of the app on your smartphone is also needed to ensure that notifications, calls, and messages from messengers arrive at your tracker in time.


The problem with many of the best fitness trackers of 2021 is their autonomy. If you’re used to watches that run on a single battery for several years, then let’s sadden you – for now, that’s an unattainable level. But some models are able to work on a single charge for a month, or even a month and a half. The average level of battery life is considered a week, but some fitness bracelets will have to be charged every day or two.

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