Best Bidet Toilet Seat Reports By Consumer Reviews 2021

The use of a bidet is part of a common culture of hygiene and an integral part of the washroom setting.

The modern plumbing market offers a huge variety of options for devices with a variety of operational possibilities. Recently bidet seats have become more and more popular. The reason for this is their easy installation, a wide choice of operating modes and perfected functionality.

Technological devices for personal hygiene – bidet seats – are available to almost everyone. Their choice depends only on financial possibilities and the height of the bar of the buyer’s requests in terms of functionality. Traditionally the brand plays an important role while making a decision, what to buy a bidet seat.

We present to your attention our mini-rating of the best bidet seats 2021. We hope it will help you decide and buy a bidet seat that will fully meet your requirements.

The Best Bidet Toilet Seats Consumer Report 2021

Bio Bidet BB-1000SW Supreme BB-1000 Round White Bidet Toilet Seat

The Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme Bidet Seat with Wireless Remote, Round, White is meant for round-top toilets, instead of elongated seats. The Bidet Seat with Wireless Remote, Round, White can be installed with a surge protector and power strip too, so you can save money on electricity when it isn’t being used.

The best bidets make going to the restroom an entirely positive experience, and if you are recovering from giving birth, surgeries, constipation or diarrhea, or even just want to stop wiping your rear end with paper that is contaminated with bleach and other chemicals, then this bidet seat is a wonderful addition to your bathroom.

The water is set to a very healthy pressure on the Bidet Seat with Wireless Remote, Round, White, though, so if you have very sensitive nether regions, you may want to opt for the lower settings only. Some people like the higher water pressure because it instigates the muscles used to contract the bowels to release and if you suffer from constipation, this is a life-saver, according to several reviewers.

Reviewers of the Bio-bidet state that it is very effective and can be a life-changing experience and save lots of money when you don’t have to use toilet paper any more when you go to the restroom, but still maintain proper hygiene. If you save a few trees in the process of going number one and two, why not do it?

Product Features

  • Germ Resistant Sturdy Construction
  • Computerized Control of Water Temperature, Seat Heater, Pressure, and Functions
  • Remote Unit Allows Either Hand Activation Of All Functions
  • Patented 3-in-1 nozzle system with separate wand for Feminine wash, Posterior wash, and the Patented Enema wash.

Brondell S1000-RW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Round Toilet Seat

Brondell’s Swash 1000 was a hit with its reviewers, with only a few points raised for improvement. Customers all agreed that the toilet seat delivers on its promise, which can basically be summed up as a clean, fresh feeling after using the toilet. The Swash 1000 cleans thoroughly and cleans according to its users’ preferences. Reviewers appreciated the adjustable features of the toilet seat, particularly, the nozzles and the temperature for both the water and the heated seat.

Some customers have found that the Swash 1000 may not be compatible with all toilets, although this is a rare occurrence. The toilet seat worked well for most, if not all, reviewers, and the installation was as easy as stated by the manufacturer. Homeowners were able to install the toilet seat by themselves. They said that the process was simple and took them around 45 minutes. Users might encounter a complication when installing the product, however, if they do not have a ground fault interrupter (GFI) outlet within a meter of the seat.

Lastly, users pointed out the dryer’s slight ineffectiveness. Some reviewers said that they usually run the dryer through several cycles before being satisfied, whereas others simply use toilet paper to dry themselves.

Nonetheless, customers have had wonderful experiences with the Brondell S1000-RW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Round Toilet Seat. Once you get used to it, you’ll wonder how you managed without a Brondell toilet seat in your life.

Product Features

  • Remote-controlled bidet provides an easy, convenient alternative to toilet paper
  • Easy installation process takes up no more than one hour
  • Dual nozzles with self-cleaning feature promises a hassle-free experience
  • Automatic deodorizer keeps your toilet smelling fresh and clean
  • Corded-electric toilet seat requires a 120-volt outlet

AMDM IntelliSeat the Ultimate Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat

What makes the IntelliSeat the ultimate electronic toilet seat? First of all is the price. Another great thing about this seat is that it was meant to be used on an elongated toilet seat, but many reviewers placed it on a regular toilet and said that it works just fine.

Yet another fine point of this IntelliSeat – the Ultimate Bidet Electronic Toilet Seat is that the buttons on the remote are labeled really well. They even say “for him” or “for her” so that you can target the stream of water or drying action to the parts down-under that you’re trying to get clean or massage. If you suffer from constipation, or ladies, if you just gave birth and are trying to ease a healing episiotomy, this Intelliseat has functions that will take care of these issues, and more. You can also just count on a good cleaning of your nether-parts without the use of toilet paper.

One reviewer did advise using manual instructions instead of quick start for an easier install, but overall, everyone is happy once they get over any minor inconveniences with installation. With a heated seat and so many settings to get clean and dry, it’s no wonder reviewers give this a 5-star rating more often than not. It is a very affordable bidet with great features, so if you’ve been wanting one but thought you couldn’t afford it, then the time has come.

Product Features

  • Hygiene: Posterior Wash, Feminine Wash, Pulsating Wash, Adjustable Water Pressure, Hygienic Filtered Water
  • Comfort: Water Heater, Warm Air Dryer, Endless Warm Water, Heated Seat (adjustable temperature), Increased Seating Area
  • Convenience: Safety On/Off Sensor Self-Cleaning Nozzles Quick Release Seat for Easy Cleaning Energy Save Mode Programmable Energy Saver Night Light Personalized Controls Universal Design

Buying Guide for Bidets

Bidet is a French word meaning ‘pony’, coined in the year 1700’s. The name relates to the way a user sits on the bidet, as if astride a pony with legs astride. In those days, most people bathed once a week and the bidet was then placed in the bedroom to keep the private areas clean in the intervening days. Later in the 19th century, the bidet was gradually moved into the bathroom and is fast becoming a standard installation, usually beside the toilet.

Interestingly, bidets were mostly used by the Europeans, Middle Eastern and Latin American bathrooms initially. It then proliferated in North American homes where bidets are standard fixtures in high-end bathrooms and are gaining popularity in countries, such as Korea and Japan.


There are various types of bidets to suit your needs. A bidet can be integrated as separate fixture in the bathroom or a special attachment to your existing toilet. There are faucets and or sprays which can be temperature controlled and can direct the water spray to be directed towards the area to be cleaned. A bidet although looks like a toilet, it actually is like a mini-bathtub and can be used for washing feet too.

The bidet bowl is normally made of china with a drain plug, resembling a toilet, which can also be filled to enable a foot wash. There are primarily 2 types of forms of bidet

  • 1 pc Bidet: In this both the tank and bowl of the bidet are designed as a single unit. In such bidets, selection gets restricted to other attachments and installing electronic bidets.
  • Standard 2 pc Bidet: These type of bidets are the commonest and most bidet toilet seats would fit

Both the types of bidet mentioned above, can have an elongated or oval seat. It is important to determine the shape prior to hunting for the most-suited bidet for you.

There is also the vertical bidet model which has a water jet in the centre of the bowl, whereas, the horizontal bidet model has a spout on the rim that provides a horizontal water jet. The spray type of bidet is the most popular styles, which has a spray that is designed to provide a gentle cleaning action.

Bidet Users

Bidets are used by all members of the family and are increasingly being seen in hotels, airports and other public places too. It is a comfortable and recommended fixture in your bathroom and a hands-free washing system of the private parts. It has now become a necessary item for your personal hygiene and user-friendly for the infirm or physically challenged persons.

For those who have had recent surgeries or bowel disease, the bidets are an ideal solution where the hips and buttocks can be soaked in a bidet bowl of saline water, also called sitz bath. It is also reported that some homes use bidet’s to even bathe babies. For designer bathrooms, there are high-end and matched bidets to the entire bathroom decor.

Bidet Selection

While selecting for a suitable bidet for yourself, it is important to consider the following

  • Space available in the bathroom and its placement. Your bathroom should have sufficient moving space inside. In case there are space constraints, then just buy a spray nozzle and can be assembled on a standard existing toilet.
  • In case you are looking for an electronic toilet, there is a need to ensure 4-5 inches of space on the right side of the bidet to fix the control panel. In case the space is not available, you may consider a wireless remote control model, though there is significant cost attached to it.
  • What about the colour? Mostly, they come in white or beige. However, you may order for designer bidets with colour choice to match the decor and design of the bathroom. These are best left to specialist designers who would do the needful.
  • For luxury requirements, eg, heated seats or warm air dryers and temperature sensors for water sprays, these can be well integrated to electronic bidet toilet seats.


It is not too difficult to set up a bidet in an existing toilet. However, be sure that the bidet can be integrated to the faucet or spray preferred by you. In case the bidet is a standalone to an existing toilet, then separate plumbing needs to be done and is time consuming. Also, if the bidet is elongated and of larger size, then suitable safety rails or grab bars, should be installed for bathing babies or the infirm.


Bidets are extremely beneficial for reducing body odour and promote genital health by reducing bacterial colonies in the genitalia and anus region. Bidets also allow cleanliness without the abrasion effects of paper.

It is recommended that for the space conscious, a combination of toilet and bidet would save space but may be slightly expensive. Whichever bidet you fancy in your bathroom, would always be a hygiene promoting fixture.

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