Apple AirPods Max Consumer Review and Compare vs Sony, Bowers & Wilkins In 2021

Expensive and even though they are big and cool headphones. For this money, you can buy anything at all, and we’ll talk about that now. Of course we will look at the Sony 1000 4 versions and some other competitors, because there are a lot of them. The problem is that it is impossible to buy them, they announced that they will be available on December 15, and if you go to the Apple website, you will see that the delivery is 14 weeks. If you order them right now, you will receive them in April, awesome! As of today, you most likely won’t buy them because they are not there. The people took it all apart, but we got one fresh green version.


AirPods Max Review

We open the box and see that the headphones do not fold and are in the case. Probably something like that, but I imagined airpods in different ways, but when they were shown I somehow even admired. It’s very expensive, but these are big headphones with all sorts of nice things. In general, I am somehow negatively disposed, so they need to prove that they are the coolest.

There are no special complaints, the skin is pleasant to the touch, and then you pulled out this strange case like this and for now put the headphones aside and see what else comes with the kit. Included in the kit, among other things, is a usb-c wire to Lightning, because it is Lightning that charges these headphones and this is my first complaint. If they are positioned as probably more a home device, even advertising is aimed at it.

In them you can connect to your iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, watch movies on your iMac, you can watch videos on Apple TV. What Lightning? It is more obvious here that it was necessary to plug in usb-c, because this is not a purely iPhone accessory. Therefore, this is a very strange flight. It seems to me that usb would be much more understandable. The ear cushion, note, covered with some kind of cardboard, obviously made of recycled paper. It’s nice, remember ecology. Well, in fact, the fact that they are aluminum is of course yes, cool, and it says Design by Apple in California.


When these headphones were called airpods studio, at the level of rumors, they said that Apple would do this kind of fun, no matter how you put them on, left or right, it doesn’t matter. In fact, it says left right inside and you have to put them on accordingly.

Well, on the other hand, you cannot dress ordinary airpods as you like, there is also a specifically left and specifically a right one. Moreover, you once remembered that there is this Digital Crown on the right cup, like in an apple watch, you remember it and you don’t bother anymore. But the design, the design is top-notch!

Because the product has been developed for centuries, for example, this magnetic ear cushion! For example, your ear cushion is worn out and you simply unfastened it, changed it and everything works for you. Moreover, right now is an important moment for which it is worth buying these headphones!

So look, you take these headphones, choose and buy separately any (red, green, white, black or blue) color of the ear pads and you can customize them! You take off your old ones and put on the new ones, and now, as it were, a little bit of such an unusual design.


Now about the green aluminum cups. Will they get infected? I think that yes, and strong enough, it’s good that they don’t get stuck, due to the fact that they are matte, but they will scratch, I think so.

Look at the story, of course the airpods Max are great headphones for the home, but they are, in principle, suitable for work. It is very pleasant to sit in them in silence and edit video. That is, it is a tool for work.

Now let’s compare

Sony WH-1000XM4 and Bowers & Wilkins Carbon Edition PX7 they are cheaper and now we will understand.

Sony WH-1000XM4 vs Apple AirPods Max

Let’s fly Sony 1000 with all the fibers of my soul I love them, you know? Sony almost every year rolls out an update of this particular line and features constantly appear. Well, then you realize that you have a normal case this time, but the headphones themselves are the headphones themselves, despite the fact that they work fantastic, but they are so plastic. I even didn’t even pay attention to it before, they were OK, they’re okay now.

Sony WH-1000XM4

They are cute, but when you look at these Apple’s here, it’s just expensive and rich, and it’s not pretentiously rich without gold, without all these unpleasant things, just a quality product. These, of course, feel cheaper, they are cheaper and the ear pads themselves will not look very good in a year and will keep buying new ones. In Apple, first of all, this is a very pleasant material in the ear pads in itself, and secondly, I remind you once again that you can simply change to new ones, they are on magnets.

Moreover, Apple in its advertising, on the website says that these headphones have Best in class noise cancelation, of course, you need to check. Because one of the leaders is, of course, these SONY headphones, this is a competitor, it makes sense to consider these. Sony is of course cheaper, they feel cheaper in every sense.

Let’s take a look at the expensive Bowers & Wilkins Carbon Edition PX7 vs Apple AirPods Max

In general, some headphones are good, but when there are a lot of them it is even better. Because really different headphones are shit for different tasks. First, it’s style, you know? At the same time, these here, these chrome parts, they are added in order to seem richer and more expensive, but to be honest, I don’t really like it.

But these headphones, they already deserve for their money, so that you understand sony awesome headphones, in terms of sound and work, solving basic problems awesome Sony 1000 one love! But these are already with a complaint, especially since here again everything you need is in the kit, and a wire for connecting via a wire, and a usb c charger and so on.

Bowers & Wilkins Carbon Edition PX7

But I take these in my hand and the Apple headphones just seem better. They really cost a little more, this is the magic of Apple, it does not go anywhere. These Apple headphones feel more expensive just at the level of this tactile and visual inspection. I wanted to scold them, but I can’t, they seem more expensive, and I can’t say that I really like the design, but they look very cool.

The main thing that we should know about the airpods Max headphones! Driver 40mm Apple’s own development, H1 chip in each ear, which works with sound, daptive equalizer that understands what is happening around and this is helped by 8 microphones, which are responsible for noise reduction, and there are 9 of them in total!

Of course, you can use them as a hands-free headset, while one microphone is directly inside, they listen to what is happening in your ear, and all this should work and sound very cool.


There is no special joke here, there is no power button, many reviewers spoke about this on the Internet. It’s just headphones that just lie, they just put it on your head and they work, you don’t need to do anything, then the phone pulled out again, this is a classic story and they want to pair perfectly? Ideally! It also supports spatial sounding, this is the story of simulation and a certain sound, when everything that happens around you is positioned depending on where you turn your head.

Here it is clear that there are these wonderful sensors and how with the AirPods Pro you can enjoy movies on a completely different level. The only thing we don’t really understand is that here this thing works only with the iPad and iPhone, while the airpods Pro also supports Apple TV, for example.


Well, come on, so you can compare them endlessly by the sound, the point is that in different situations, in silence, and in a city noise reduction is generally a different story.

Different tracks play differently, I listened to a couple of tracks and I give first place to sony, why? Firstly, the price, yes, they are plastic and we scolded them for it, but due to this they are light! And they also have eco leather on the ear pads, it is soft and fits well.

The AirPods Max have a mesh and the guys said that you can hear everything that I listen to at the level of a good small speaker and you can distinguish words, this is not very good. I believe that headphones are a personal story and no one should hear anything.

From all this, we conclude that AirPods are headphones for home. They are suitable for really relaxing in an armchair, on a sofa, listening to music and having fun, that is, when you are not a super music lover, but at the same time you want it to be a beautiful cool accessory.

Hence the non-foldable design with a strange case, because these headphones should be on your desk. That is, again, when everyone hears you on the plane, you will annoy everyone wildest, but this is probably at the maximum volume, if you turn it down, but why turn it down?

But at the same time, there is a very powerful noise reduction here, it is really cool, but which is not much needed at home, but I don’t know why you are at home with noise reduction. Therefore, the product itself is high-end but expensive, especially in comparison with competitors. If you look at them by themselves, an awesome product, there are no questions, everything sounds good with them, but when Sony appears for a third of the price, I have no questions.

The result of the miracle did not happen and these are not the best headphones in their class, these are not the most expensive headphones in their class, there are more elegant headphones. The AirPods brand is strong enough on its own. Airpods Max came out somehow so-so, because they seem to be on sale since December 15, but you can’t buy them anywhere.

In an amicable way, this should be the main Christmas gift for those who have everything, but now they are even difficult to get. This Apple product is very cool, it is quite expensive, it has its own unique features and characteristics, and they just like these things. Everything here is very inconvenient in terms of the fact that there are no power buttons.

I will have an ambiguous verdict on them, that is, this is a good product, it is expensive, it has competitors that are somewhat stronger, in a sense, better and definitely cheaper in some places. And if you asked me to pick it up, let’s say I don’t have any headphones. I would take the sony 1000 and Airpods Pro, because if I need to move quickly somewhere. I have airpods Pro with good noise reduction in my pocket, if I am sitting at home or on an airplane or I just need to enjoy music, I put on Sony and enjoy it.

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